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Bravia Sync issue

I have a KDL60EX645, with a Sony A/V Receiver (with a Blu-Ray and DVD player and DVD Recorder connected to A/V Receiver via HDMI) plugged into HDMI 1 on my TV. A new PS4 in HDMI 2, PS3 in HDMI 3 and a Wii U in HDMI 4.

I cannot get Sony Sync to work with my PS3 (It worked before I got the PS4, but I cannot get it to work on both PS3/4 and the components connected via my A/V Receiver). It does not show up under my HDMI Device list.

Does anyone know why?

My best guess is that my TV can only recognize a finite number (5?) of HDMI connected components for the purposes of Bravia Sync.

I can change the TV to HDMI 3 when I use my PS3, but I would strongly prefer to have Bravia Sync with my PS3 again if possible.

Thank you to anyone who attempts to help.

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Re: Bravia Sync issue

What is the model of the A/V receiver. That will help a little.

Also what is your MAIN CONCERN: great audio from watching movies or playing games????

Let me first start by understanding what you have, help me out

you have a

1. Blu ray
2. a DVD player
3. a DVD Recorder

all hooked up to the A/V receiver

Why do you use a separate Blu-Ray and DVD player?????

If you want to keep it that way this is how you should connect it

Connect the A/V receiver to HDMI 1 on the TV.

Connect your PS3 to HDMI 1 on the A/V receiver
Connect your PS4 to HDMI 2 on the A/V receiver
Connect your Blu-Ray to HDMI 3 on the A/V receiver
Connect your Wii to the HDMI 4 on the A/v receiver

Then turn on the pass HDMI pass thru on the A/v receiver and the will all auto switch without caring about the Bravia Sync.

Who makes the DVD player and Recorder?

And do you have a Cable/satellite box?

Let me know and ill help some more