Displays and Projectors : A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

I'm thinking of signing up with Netflix, but I want to run their movies on my LED TV screen rather than a PC monitor.
The TV is an RCA, not specifically Netflix-capable, but I have a BluRay player connected to it via HDMI which is. The BluRay player has a free USB port, and the TV has any number of inputs of various kinds (HDMI, etc.).

What kind of connector do I need from the PC to the TV?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I don't know if this is exactly the right forum, but I'm hoping someone is knowledgeable in this area. Thanks in advance!

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Re: A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

What type of video card do you have in your computer.

What model is the RCA TV

This is a little tricky depending on what you have but basically if you have a HDMI out on your video card you can connect that to your TV. You will still have to run a separate audio cable to the tv from the sound card of the pc also.

Re: A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

It would be simpler and much more convenient to get a media player like a WDTV. No fan noise, and it only takes as much space as a single VHS tape. Besides internet content, it'll play stuff off USB drives, or stored on your home network.

Re: A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

I use Roku boxes myself, they work great. Nice to have the wireless remote too.

Re: A newbie to Netflix needs advice!

do you have a laptop? I used to run HDMI from my laptop to TV and it worked fine.

Pity you don't have Smart TV, then it would come with built-in NetFlix.

Also do you have Xbox or PS? They have NetFlix you can watch from TV also.