Displays and Projectors : Blue or Purple blotch on Sharp TVs - How to minimize it…

Blue or Purple blotch on Sharp TVs - How to minimize it…

If you got a Sharp Aquos TV that developed a purple or blue spot on the screen, you're not alone. Seems to be a somewhat common occurrence and it's a TV manufacturing defect apparently.

Ours developed such a blotch and of course it is not in warranty. I've heard of instances where Sharp will swap out the set for a fee, but there are ways to minimize the effect to where it's practically not visible in most cases.

Since I got such a blotch, I decided to see if the effect could be lessened. I found that it was most noticeable on all inputs other than HDMI. HDMI reduced the effect, so I channeled everything though an HDMI upconverter.

The I set the HZ rate on 480, and that took away almost all of it. I then reduced the backlight to a lower number and used brightness and contrast to control the settings to where it was a decent picture. Now the effect is only fairly noticeable on dark areas of B&W programs. Color programs look good now.

This will do until I get a better resolution from Sharp about replacing the set at minimal charge.
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