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Best Brand LED TV

Whats the best Brand? Im looking to buy one and I dont want to settle for nothing but the best. I dont like samsung brand and toshiba. I know little of LG or Vizio. Which one is the best and why?

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Re: Best Brand LED TV

Samsung and Toshiba. :)

Between LG and Vizio, I would choose LG--like Samsung, it's a Korean brand; they may not be the "best" (that would be mainly the purview of the Japanese brands) but they tend to deliver the best bang for the buck. I owned an LG for a brief time as my bedroom TV and it wasn't bad. When I bought a new Samsung for my living room, I moved my old Samsung to my bedroom and sold the LG, even though the LG was a couple of years newer, which goes to show how much I prefer Samsungs.

Re: Best Brand LED TV

I'm looking for the right TV, and yesterday I looked at the Samsung 46" Smart TV. The picture looked great in the store, but I've read that light bleed is a problem with the Samsung LEDs. Did you notice this with yours?

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Don't use the built-in speakers if you can possibly avoid it. Except maybe for talk shows and the news. Get a proper home theater receiver and speakers if possible, or stereo receiver and speakers in a pinch. Decent to great stereo gear can be picked up for next to nothing at yard sales and thrift stores. Dolby Digital receivers can sometimes be found for under $50.

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Panasonic LEDs are terrible. Philips are worse.


You also need to factor in where in the product line they fall. The best Toshiba is far better than the worst Samsung.

If I were buying an LED (which I really wouldn't do for a main TV, I prefer plasma), I would buy the best Sony available.

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Panasonic LEDs are terrible. Philips are worse.
What's wrong with these 2 brands? Was just considering buying a "Philips". Isn't it one of the few that show quick motion smoothly?

Re: Best Brand LED TV

I've just finished setting up my LG 3D tv and it looks pretty damn good.
I didn't fancy the active 3D glasses which are expensive and relatively heavy so the LG passive tv appeared on the market just in time.
A boxful of 3D specs and a free Blu-Ray player.
Result: happiness.

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Re: Best Brand LED TV

I got led LG (Life's Good aka Lucky Goldstar)full HD 32LS570S(best model for me) anyway before that I had Thomson(TLC/RCA) edge led,good but non great as LG;back to LG after some few settings I'm very impressed by the quality on blu ray and from the honest when I play a dvd.

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Re: Best Brand LED TV

Out of all the LED Tvs I've seen, Samsung is by far the best (if you can afford it). I would say Vizio is pretty good, but my 47" LCD is starting to cloud up.

Re: Best Brand LED TV

I have a LG and I had bleeding lights on the corners.

Lowered the brightness to a very good amount and it lost the bleed.

I'm fine, but I hate that it had bleeding to begin with.

Re: Best Brand LED TV

Sony is number 1. Never use LG.


Re: Best Brand LED TV

Sony is number 1
used to be, and may take back the throne on 4K.

LCD, judging by picture quality alone, Samsungs flagships are the best.

On plasma, Panasonic still reigns with it's flagships.

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Re: Best Brand LED TV

Ikegami. Don't know if they come with tuners, but if you want the absolute best, then you're willing to go with separates.

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Re: Best Brand LED TV

I had a Toshiba break on me once (it was a TV/DVD combo) and I also heard other ppl had problems with them. But like said in this thread I have also heard many ppl saying they are very good.

There is big LG flatscreen in my house's living room, and IMO it is excellent.
I can recommend the brand.

Re: Best Brand LED TV

despite my above post I now have a Toshiba TV, 22inch with DVD combo and it's very good.

Had it for awhile, got it after I returned a similar JVC TV because the picture quality on the JVC was terrible. The remote is also much better on the Toshiba.