Displays and Projectors : Stupid question about best LCD HDTV's on sale

Stupid question about best LCD HDTV's on sale

I have a sharp HDTV right now and I hate it, personally. The quality just doesn't cut it for me. I've tried to sell it to friends/other family but no can do. Is there any time of year specifically where HDTV's are cheaper than usual?

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Yes, there are two times of year: 1.) when new models come to market and older ones get discounted for clearance, and 2.) during promotional sales periods like Black Friday.

For the first, you'll need to wait at least until March, when the new models come in and the old ones suddenly become worth less. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are little more than a month away. But you'll have to work hard to snag one of the very few real bargains. And if you miss the great deal, you'll probably have to wait for the post-Christmas sales in January.

Any time can be a good time to buy a new TV if you keep your eyes open for deals. If you're cash-strapped right now, it can't hurt to go to a retailer and say "I have this much to spend, what can you do for me?" You never know when a store or slaesperson needs that sale more than the profit.

As for getting rid of that old TV, don't try to dump your old stuff on people you know, that's just asking for hard feelings. Craigslist, local classifieds and even a bulliten bosrd in your local grocery store are good places to advertise. Ask your local police about safe places to meet. Never allow strangers into your home!

If you have no takers, try the local Goodwill or other charity. Or call your local firehouse and see if they want your old TV. If it still works well, somebody can put it to good use.

Re: Stupid question about best LCD HDTV's on sale

Thank you, I appreciate it! I kinda figured out things, but I wanted to confirm them and get as much info as I can.

I don't have to worry about the second part because I know people that will buy it from me, family members would love to have it right there. $$$$ that I won't be just giving away!