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Cash Cab

I love the show and its host. Especially when the contestant/passengers win! Even more so when they go for the video bonus at the end and win double the money! :-) Would you play it safe or go for double or nothing?


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I love that show, but I really cant even answer one quetion that they ask. I have no clue how seriously almost everyone knows the anwser and even the bonus question too. But I do love that show.

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I think anyone who has ever: a) been to college; b) had a professional job; c) is well read and/or well traveled; d) watches and listens to: Discovery Channel/History Channel/PBS/CNN/MSNBC/FOX News/ESPN/HBO/National and local network news/the latest DVDs & CDs/NPR/ at least everyday; e) has a graduate degree; f) reads anyone of the following:,,,,, g) reads at least one non-tabloid/non-fiction book a month, h) Plays "Trivial Pursuit", "Scrabble" does crossword puzzles, or plays any other trivia related games regularly will have a fair to high chance of getting the majority of the questions correct on "Cash Cab".

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Whew, I'm exhausted just by reading your post.

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I love it, too! I would definitely go for the video bonus question!!! :)

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I like the show, too. I got my parents hooked on the show.

No, I wouldn't go for the bonus question.

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