Blu-ray Hi-Def Equipment : REALLY Big Screens?

REALLY Big Screens?

70" and up, up to wall-size front projection: Anyone going this route?

If so, how do you like it?

If front projection, what type of projector did you go with, and how do you control the ambient room light?

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1080p widescreen projectors with decent black levels are quite affordable now. However, light control is a problem. Not only do you have to worry about ambient light, there's reflected light from the furniture, walls, floor and ceiling.

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That's true, dangus.

Well, it makes movies an EVENT, as they should be, like going to the cinema, where you have to turn off all the lights and close the blinds to get a decent image, and force yourself to sit still for 2-hours plus, let the experience flow over you, not "have the movie running while we wash dishes or fold laundry", which home video viewing tends to be.

Re: REALLY Big Screens?

Wow; thanks, Care-Bear. Sounds tempting, except DLPs get really hot! I've got a little Sharp DLP front projector that I use at events, and the bulb is very hot indeed.

I'm leaning toward Sharp's 70" Quadron LED myself, but it's still pushing $2,000. Might have to "settle" for another 60", or maybe even a smaller screen next go-'round, instead. Money is always an object. Fun to discuss anyway. Thanks!

Re: REALLY Big Screens?

I have a movie room (I have an Epson projector works great)and I suggest if you want one,the most important things would be:
Projector: Whatever brand you buy, Look at the price of a replacement bulb for that model; some can be like printers - better to buy a new one than to buy a bulb. Also lumens - buy one with the most lumens that you can afford.

Screens: Also check for screens. Store bought screens are expensive. I used a king size sheet.(paint the wall behind it dark or back it. Light will bounce back and glare through)I also added a border looked like a picture frame.

HA! My favorite viral!

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wesdbry: Thanks!

If this weren't enough, ladies and gents, I just received a catalog in the mail from Sound Advice (yes, that high-end audio-video retail store in South Florida, maybe in the Southeastern region of the U.S.; don't know if they're nationwide, from the '80s and '90s, closed down in 2001, which has now re-opened, in the middle of the worst economic recession in ages yet), and they are now boasting a 4k front-projector from Sony!

I forget the specs, but I visited the Sound Advice store, and, even though there is no 4k source (yet), watching a blu-ray called The Art of Flight, about guys taking a helicopter up to the peak of Alaskan mountains and then wake-boarding down, was truly impressive. Big image (at least 10 feet), bright, rich colors, and, even 1080p-upsampled, very sharp, with a textural richness that made the image clearly stand out from the other front projectors in close proximity.

At $25,000 for the projector alone, not to mention the Da-Lite or other screen (God, can you imagine how much the LAMP alone costs?), it's too rich for my blood, but, for any you who are doctors, lawyers, lottery winners, Wall Street tycoons, real estate barons, or just trust-find kids, if you can afford it, if you want CINEMA in your home, and if you have a dedicated room where you can have a really big screen and can control the ambient room light, this is the way to go. It's gorgeous!