Blu-ray Hi-Def Equipment : Dynex


Bare with me. I bought a Dynex at Best Buy. I was under the impression that it was Hi-Def. But, it seems the little blue box in the corner states SD on most channels I go to (even in the Hi-Def block on cable). Is there somehow I didn't set the TV to go for Hi-Def?


If I buy an HDMI cable for the TV and cable box will this fix the situation?

Any help helps! LOL.

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Re: Dynex

Digital TV (from whatever source) isn't necessarily high-definition. You'll have to look over a channel guide and see what's what.

As for the connection from the cable box to the TV, yes, you'll need either HDMI or component cables. Then check the cable box setup menu and make sure that high-def output is enabled.

Re: Dynex

Thanks for your feedback.

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Re: Dynex

Not sure what a Dynex is, but, yeah, what dangus said.

In my area, some channels (4, 5, 7, 10, etc.) have both high-def and standard-def channels. The .2 channel in my area is high-def, the .1 channel in my area is the simulcast standard-def.

Hope this helps.

Re: Dynex

Dynex is the store brand for Best Buy. There are literally thousands of various and sundry products with the Dynex name on them. Apparently the OP is unaware of this, and expects the reader to "just know". Of course, we don't.

Perhaps the Geek Squad will be able to sort things out for the OP.