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Cheap Blu ray player that can play PAL?

I currently have a Sony BDP-BX18 and it does not play PAL, so when I get region free Blu ray movies from the UK (particularly Arrow video releases), the movie will play fine, but the special features won't. Can someone give me a link to a cheap Blu ray player that'll play PAL, like $50 or less? It also needs to have good picture quality. It can be on older model.

Re: Cheap Blu ray player that can play PAL?

Try out players in a store. I suspect some that aren't Sony will play PAL content. Start with the cheapest and work up. Look for the N/P button on the remote (as I think I suggested before).

Try a region-free PAL DVD as well.

Re: Cheap Blu ray player that can play PAL?

Do you also have a PAL TV? Or one that can play NTSC and PAL?

The cheapest by far is one that goes into a computer. Unlike computer DVD drives, computer Blu-ray drives do not lock into the first region code, so you can play from any region as long as the player software supports it.

And if you find that you don't happen to have a PAL-capable TV, just about any home computer you're likely to still be using is more than capable of doing the scan conversion so it displays (and displays well) on a NTSC or other ~60Hz TV.

You may be able to find "pirate ROMs" to flash your existing Blu-ray player that supposedly enable playback of out-of-region discs. If you can find one for your player for free, that's the cheapest you can get...unless it renders the player useless.