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Aspect ratio

On my tv, whenever I play a movie filmed in 4:3, it always fills my screen when there should be black bars on the side. How do I get it so that that it is in it's correct ratio?

Re: Aspect ratio

It depends on your TV and/or DVD player and how it labels settings.

For the TV ratio settings your best bets are: "Auto", "Original" or "4:3"

For your DVD or Blu ray player it's a case of telling it what type of tv you have. So you should have a choice of "16:9" or "Wide".

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Re: Aspect ratio

What sort of equipment are you using? For all we know you could be using a film projector with an anamorphic lens when you should be using a normal "spherical" lens...

Re: Aspect ratio

Your DVD or BD player should have a 4:3 output option in Picture settings, it usually says "Original" or "Fixed". "Fixed" is the one that will add black bars. Just change that setting to whichever one it's not currently on.