Blu-ray Disc Releases : 4K UHD Disc?

4K UHD Disc?

It seems every decade there's a new, higher-resolution format to replace the previous one.

I won't be replacing my entire blu-ray collection with 4K UHDs, but there are a few movies that I was very impressed with the look of in cinemas that fell short in color dynamic range on blu-ray, that merit 4K UHD, like The Martian and Mad Max-Fury Road. Thankfully, the 4K UHD release INCLUDES a blu-ray as well, so, for a few extra bucks, present and future bases are covered.

What do you think?

Re: 4K UHD Disc?

Personally, I don't think it will take off. Heck, even the K-Marts and Targets where I live have stopped selling Blu-Rays but still sell DVDs by the bucket load. Most people I know don't even know what Blu-Ray is and still watch DVDs.

Blu-Ray will be the last format before streaming takes over for good - well, it kinda has already. I think Blu-Ray will be around for a long time yet, but in a niche market like Laser disc. UHD will be like Beta cassette.

It looks a bit sweaty in there so you may need to apply baby powder Zapp Brannigan

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Me-thinks Fry is still in the last century , a man of the 90's , eh?! I have heard the 4K UHD Discs require a nu-player though ?!

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Before others reply, I'll chime back in here myself:

Fry? OK...

Yes, 4K UHD discs require a 4K UHD disc player and a 4K UHDTV to see the benefit. It's a planned obsolecence cycle on the part of consumer electronics manufacturers to get us to part with some more of our hard-earned money every few years. I think the visual benefit will be more subtle than from DVD to blu-ray, but noticeable, especially in the color and especially on a 65" or larger screen.

I've seen UHD/blu-ray/digital copy combo sets of movies at Best Buy (for $29.99 and up naturally). Yes, this premium price entertainment probably won't be showing up at bargain stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart any time soon, until the prices drop at least 50%, to "mass market levels". Wal-Mart DOES carry 55" 4K UHDTVs from Samsung.