Hellraiser : The Scarlet Box

The Scarlet Box

Arrow released this handsome set only back in December, but it’s already selling out fast. Being that this is a limited edition, fans of the Hellraiser series shouldn’t hesitate in the least to pick this up. The releases just for the first two films alone blow any previous release, in any region, entirely out of the water. And that Hellraiser III was shown any love at all is also worth applauding, being that it just ain’t that good. Hardcore fans of the series likely already have this, but if somehow said fans went all this time without knowing this was available, don’t miss your chance to nab yourself a set before it’s gone forever. And when you do, you can peel back the lid of this set, see all the love and care that went into it, and say, “The box. I opened it. I came.” (How’s that for an unexpectedly gross ending?) http://www.cutprintfilm.com/blu/hellraiser-the-scarlet-box/