Formats : Suggestion For All-Region DVD players?

Suggestion For All-Region DVD players?

I live in the U.S., but watch a lot of foreign television programming, especially from Europe. I would like to buy an all-region DVD player to be able to watch some series like BLACK MIRROR and UTOPIA that I can not watch on my television at the moment. There are also some Korean shows I would like to watch, as well as classic foreign films that were never transferred to Region A/1 DVDs.

What are some good quality sets that you would recommend? I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you.

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Re: Suggestion For All-Region DVD players?

If you already own a DVD player then my first suggstion would be to search the internet to see if there is a region unlock code for your particular make and model.

You will finds sites like this one which may help.

There are others too. Look around first before deciding you need to buy a new player.

If you are going to buy new hardware then your online and store retailers will ususally advertise particular modesl which are already region free.

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