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Use it (or Kodi, or similar) and you'll never go back to mass physical storage again. (oh moving house is just so fun, when you've got thousands of silly plastic boxes of discs to move! Along with the removal and physical storage costs, of course. And forget about having the space if you live in cities, like I do.) I live at three addresses too, can watch anything I want when I want from one centralised storage base at my main address, and while on the road, from anywhere else in the world too; can't do any of that with physical pieces of mass landfill.

I have all my ~10k film and tv programmes stored and backed-up multiple times using cost-affective separate Thunderbolt RAID storage devices, with physically separated backups, along with online versioned backups; all automated, so no fiddly human interaction needed to remember to do so.

The content is mostly from fullsize BD rips, so is of equal quality to the physical items.

Until internet distribution by means of faster connection speeds in the UK (and most of the Western world for that matter), BDs are still the source for best quality, but once ripped to digital storage, the discs go to the charity shop.

Digital convenience just doesn't compare to physical items. I used to collect vinyl records, so I certainly learned the hard way (before digital existed, of couse, so there was no other option), just what a nightmare dealing with the physical volume of such things is.

Give it up, before it becomes the future nightmare you (or worse, your loved ones) will have to deal with.

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Give what up? Something I enjoy that makes me happy? I live alone and all of my media sits comfortably on three tall bookcases. It's not hurting anybody and there's still plenty room in my apartment if I need to add more stuff.

Speaking of which, I *did* move this summer and had no issue jettisoning the stuff I didn't care for anymore and moving the rest. Just wasn't that difficult to be honest.

All of what you do sounds like a lot of work for the same result. I prefer the simplicity of my collection. And I also like the way it looks. To each his own.

Anyone here mentions Hotel California dies before the first line clears his lips.

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Sure, like you say; to each his own. To be honest, having physical media like vinyl/CDs/DVDs/BDs on shelving is a bit passé these days (despite the hipster brigade and their vinyl!), and looks like one's living in the past, rather than the current age. (although this is of course your style decision, so do what you like, lol!)

The one thing I remember was having to move 8k vinyl records through several rental addresses and intermediary storage providers, before finally buying somewhere. Hence the moving of ~60 12x12-inch boxes with each weighing a ton, along with employing hours of man-hours of removal men, temporary storage and re-removal; all was a complete nightmare, both in time, effort, nevermind cost.

Doing the same again with video content in the digital age. No thanks. I've a middle-class income level, not multi-millionaire one!

If one doesn't want to digitise oneself, just buy the digital HD download (so the owners get paid), then VPN torrent for the FULL QUALITY BD rip from people who know what they're doing, as they do it day-in and day-out. Unlimited data internet connections make this too easy. With easy and free software like Plex do all the metadata leg-work for you too.

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I see OP didn't respond to any more replies, does that mean OP realizes how stupid this question was?