Formats : thank god for Windows 10!!!

thank god for Windows 10!!!

Windows 8 succcked

literally used Windows 8 for an hour on my new laptop it sucked so hard
good job on MS bring 10 out pronto and free to dl

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While W10 is slightly better than 8, it still sucks. Cortana is a useless feature that becomes stale after about a day of use, I haven't used her once since. The store apps are mostly outdated or run like garbage. W7 is superior in every way from performance to look.

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Yes, agreed! I'm a MCSE who was using Windows NT 3.51 and beta testing Windows 95 in 1995, and have used every version since (excepting Vista, which failed in testing) in the enterprise and for my personal business and recreational computing. I still have fond memories of Windows NT 4.0, which was the most stable and versatile version of Windows ever. Since then, only Windows 7 has impressed me as being comparable to NT4 in terms of stability, reliability and ease of use.

I'm also a big fan and major user of UNIX, Linux and related operating systems. While I liked NT4, I preferred KDE3 on Linux. Unfortunately the folks at KDE made the same mistake that Microsoft made, they insisted on 'fixing' something that was pretty near perfect. I still haven't found a new Linux/UNIX desktop that's as good as KDE. That's why I appreciate the elegant simplicity of the Windows 7 desktop all the more.

Bad ideas come and go. And the purveyors of the bad ideas can try to force us to accept the bad ones by taking what works off the market, or letting it become unmaintained. But they will never make good those bad ideas!

Microsoft lost to Linux in the data center because they thought that they could force people to spend vast sums on mediocre products. Now they're moving all of their operating system products to a subscription-only model. For power users like me, that's tantamount to getting out of the OS business altogether. Microsoft has lost touch with the basic reason why operating systems exist in the first place, so I'm moving on. Windows 10 does not matter because Microsoft is getting out of the OS business.

To anyone who develops or sells Windows software: better think about getting a Linux/X version of your software to market soon.

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I'm ok with Windows 10. Cortona is useless and there really aren't any other major upgrades. Their built-in anti-pirating measures suck, but are easily avoided. They should have waited until they made major improvements over Windows 7. At least its' better than 8.

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Windows 10 is just windows 8 with built in spyware

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and much MUCH better design, layout and interaction