Formats : DVD, Blu-ray, VHS vs Netflix

DVD, Blu-ray, VHS vs Netflix

Lots of the people nowadays watch films on Netflix, and don't buy DVDs. But is Netflix better than DVD and Blu-ray (and VHS, if you still have them)? Discuss.

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From a technical standpoint, the picture quality, and audio of Blu ray is much better than streaming as it is uncompressed. Streaming has an advantage over DVD, and VHS though. DVD's are only 480p, while streaming can go up to 4K. I personally prefer physical copies as you technically dont' 'own' anything you watch on netflix. I enjoy having a big collection of movies.

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Not to be the stick in the mud, but from an actual technical point of view, then Blu-ray discs are also compressed. They use H264 and H265 as codec, where they then on top lower the bitrate, so the movie or TV-show episodes will fit on the 25 GB, 50 GB or 100 GB disc.

If they did not do this, then not even standard 42 minute TV-show episode as uncompressed 8 bit video would fit on a 100 GB disc.
Just ask any one who has tried to capture video on their computers and by mistake chose to do it uncompressed.
They all ended up with video files in insanely large sizes.

Re: DVD, Blu-ray, VHS vs Netflix

Netflix quality is about the same as standard free-to-air viewing , but it really depends on your location's connection to the line service in your area . So you can have stutters and dropouts , if the line area service isn't good .