Screenwriters : Any horror writers about?

Any horror writers about?

I'm looking to read new exciting horror scripts :) anyone got any

The Master Of Slasher
Chrissy K

Re: Any horror writers about?

Sure I have one, it's entitled "Beast": Here's a quick summary

Antwan Brown is a middle child of five, heÂ’s overly an aggressive and belligerent young 13 year old boy with anger problems. He is constantly lectured by his over-protective; Martin Brown (Mr. Brown), father about how the hostile lifestyle that heÂ’s living will only lead him to disaster and either in jail or dead, he threatens to temporarily send him away if he doesnÂ’t change his ways. His mother; Sheri, has a secret relationship with AN EX-CON NAMED Rob who turns her on to drugs and threatens to leave her if she doesnÂ’t get rid of her son; Antwan, who Rob is very wary of. Meanwhile; Antwan ignores his fatherÂ’s threats and gets into a big fight at school. This gives his desperate mother reason to send him away and continue her secret life with her crack-head ex-con boyfriend. Antwan believes the lie told by his mother that he will only be staying at a detention center for two months, just until he learns how to control his rage.

FIVE YEARS LATER: Antwan is still incarcerated in the youth detention center. He gets regular visits from his father; who has now divorced his mother Sheri. Antwan blames his mother for his wild and violent demeanor in the detention center because she abandon and lied to him. She won’t even allow his other siblings to come and visit him. After five years of visiting his son; Mr. Brown has had enough “I’m moving on with my life.” He walks out on Antwan, before calling him a Beast; leaving him alone and lonely. The last person that still loves him has walked out on him. With that being said; after his father leaves, Antwan SNAPS and breaks out of the detention center; killing anyone in his way in a brutal, vicious manner.

Mr. Brown learns of his sonÂ’s brutal escape from the detention center. He knows his son and knows exactly where his going and what heÂ’s going to do. His over-protective, fatherly instincts kick in and he realizes that he must get to his former house where his ex-wife and other four children still live so he can save them. But he soon realizes that in order for him to achieve his goal and save his children from harm and possible death, he may have to do resort to violence, even if it means becoming a beast, just like his sonÂ…

If you would like to read it please send me your email.