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Always Loved Peter Boyle

He was such a fine actor that even when he is spouting in a hateful manner, you have to agree with some of what he is saying (such as that the kids are the ones screwing the culture up, not the other way around).

Peter Boyle hated that some people took this likability as a license to find the violence an acceptable means to resolve cultural problems. After all, Peter once studied for the priesthood.

Peter did have a temper - a famous story is that had trouble finding the building where he was to go to talk to the Raymond producers and by the time he got there, he was tired and hot and angry. The producers LOVED his forceful attitude and "don't give me any crap" discussions about the proposed series.

How many laughs did I get from EBLR as "Frank", a plain spoken everyman, busted the pretentious balloons around him.

It was with great sorrow that I heard about his early death. Why do the great ones always go early and the poor excuses for human beings like Castro hang on?

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Of course we all want to live as long as we can, but 71 is not such a horribly young age to die. Many great entertainers have died much younger than 71.

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He's been a favorite of mine since I saw Joe when it first came out. You are on the money about his role in Everybody Loves Raymond because he, Doris Roberts, and Brad Garrett make that show. Conversely I have a friend who won't watch anything with him in it because she was traumatized by his portrayal of Joe.