Joe : Who thought this was funny?

Who thought this was funny?

After watching the DVD of the film, I watched the original trailer--and was
surprised that the trailer made it appear to be a dark comedy. It's dark,
all right, but funny?! There are one or two amusing moments (such as the reaction of the ad exec who sucks up to Joe when he thinks Joe's his new boss),
but otherwise, the movie plays like a dark, uncompromising drama. Yet the trailer is edited so
that Joe seems comical, and it's called "devastatingly funny." Did anyone
consider this a comedy?

I'm not crying, you fool, I'm laughing!

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It's a black comedy

Re: Who thought this was funny?

Not a very sharp one, eh? This movie played like a straight, character foil, comedy in my home theatre.

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Joe Curran is very funny because he was so ignorant of his own country. He represented the "silent majority" to the nth degree.

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Re: Who thought this was funny?

Lots of funny situations . them with the hippies.