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Racing Movies faves and worst

I am personally a fan of all sports fans but there are excellent movies about the SPORT of racing. And its a rant at those who think racing is not a sport. Fisrt I'll give you my top 5 racing movies.

1: Cars (don't ask, I just wanted to hate the Disney movie but couldn't. Owen Wilson was too good)
2: Days of Thunder (I think of it as Top Gun on an oval)
3: Driven (nothing beats Indy/Kart Cars racing through the streets)
4: Fast and the Furious (because you know every ricer in history has idolized this movie)
5: LeMans (if you havn't taken time out of your busy day to see it, shame on you)

Bonus: Worst racing movie - 2 Fast 2 Furious (sorry guys its like a rich business man taking his house selling it and moving into a cave. the 4th one had better be as good as the 1st and 3rd)

On to the rant folks, so here is the problem. You run into these people every day who say "racing isn't a sport, it is driving in a circle for 3 hours". To those who think this you obviously havn't been in a car that has no power steering, A/C or a CD player. The guys who drive these cars are in suits worse than wool shirts in the summer, and have to fight a car that is fighting back. When I say that I mean it is hard as hell to turn those steering wheels when you are alone on the track, let alone the fact that in most races there are atleast 20 other drivers on the track. The exception is F1 racing, but that type of car isn't easy to drive either. If you have constructive criticizm, and facts then please argue your point but if not keep on going to find another thread.

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YES!! Racing is a sport... Not just car racing either. It really is. My dad raced dirt cars, dirt bikes, fourwheelers. Everything you could possably race. I race fourwheelers. And It is a sport!!

OK. My fav. racing movies
-Fast and the Furious
-Fast and the Furrist (Tom and Jerry version)
-Brink (Its on roller blades but still)


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3 of those 5 being Disney Movies, and yep I liked those ones too. Save maybe the Tom and Jerry one lol.

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there are excellent movies about the SPORT of racing
You are kidding right?

Most are clichéd rubbish.

Driven is simply appalling. APPALLING!!

Le Mans is by far the best motor racing film ever made but that's not really saying much. It was ruined by studio intervention and probably wouldn't have been much even if McQueen had gotten his way.

Should give a shout out to Grand Prix (Frankenheimer, 1966). More racing clichés than you can shake a stick at - the playboy Italian, the toffy Brit, etc etc. But some of the footage is extraordinary, particularly of those beautiful long gone European road circuits, and with little cameos from the likes of Graham Hill, Jimmy Clark, etc. A must-see for any racing fan.

Personally I consider F1 the Golf of the racing world, takes little physique to do
I'm enthused by your stance against idiots who think motor racing isn't a sport but you've just destroyed all credibilty for yourself. You need to get an education. F1 is extremely demanding physically, they are among the fittest athletes in the world, with drivers regularly pulling 5gs. Any unfit (i.e. normal) human being forced to go through an F1 race simulation would be in bed for 2 weeks...

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Most apoligetically I deleted that statement about F1, I personally don't think that of the series, infact it is my ultimate dream to drive an F1 car. The idividual that edited my post was my little brother and he has a thing for Rally Racing over F1, and absolutly loves to do that sort of stuff to me. I watched 5th Gear a couple years back and watch "Tiff" drive an F1 car and the riggers that he had to go through just to withstand the g-forces from a turn were rediculous. I again apologize for the idiot I call a brother lol.

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Another shout for Grand Prix. A great film which highlights the dangers of racing in those days well.

Mark Neales films about MotoGP and Grand Prix bike racing are really good too. (Faster, Fastest and Hitting the Apex).

Both bike and car racers are incredible athletes and Mark Neales films show just how dangerous it can get.

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The only decent racing movie you listed was Lemans, and even that has major flaws, but Driven and the rest above Grand Prix?

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And, I will nominate Pinchliffe Grand Prix(Flåklypa Grand Prix). Really good made movie from the 70s.

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DAYS OF THUNDER was seriously overrated IMO and despite the fact that they were a couple at the time, the chemistry between Cruise and Kidman in that film was non-existent. Of course, that changed when they did EYES WIDE SHUT, where they had MAD chemistry.

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-The Fast & Furious (series)
-Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
-Days of Thunder

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The Cannonball Run
Cannonball Run II
Smokey and the Bandit
Smokey and the Bandit II
The Great Race
The Gumball Rally
Bobby Deerfield
Herbie - with sequels

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I only saw one.

Cars (2006)- 8/10

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