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Seeking Producer for blockerbuster movie!

I am the author of a biography of Edwin Kaiser's Covert Life.

Edwin Kaiser was a real James Bond, his mission was impossible.

A Non-Fiction Biography:

The One-Liner

A son who comes to terms with his father's death, and with the help of an ex-Cubanos Unidos member of an anti-Castro group, he recalls my father's passion for heroism.

The Background

Edwin Kaiser, 40s, reserved, and often confrontational suppresses confidential information from Frank Sturgis and Howard Hunt. The plot to retrieve the stolen photographs ends up in a grisly murder when Edwin dies.

The Premise

Edwin Kaiser meets Frank Sturgis early on, he is a character-driven seeking action in the pulsating enigma of modern day Miami. Edwin has lost all sense of passion and all sense of life sense a young adult. He became belligerent in order to make himself tough after joining the French Foreign Legion as a sniper. Getting back into the United States posed a challenge. Edwin's mother, Elizabeth Smith receives a letter from First Lady Mamie Eisenhower indicating how she understands her desire to have her son back into the United States. The cold war during Eisenhower's Administration had given way to many three letter agencies believing Edwin could very well be an asset due to his skills. And, in 1960 upon his arrival to the United States, the CIA took notice in Edwin. He has become an empty shell of his former self. Edwin impersonates an officer in the United States army, and many three letter agencies as he infiltrates the CIA and is stealing from the United States government. Edwin refused to grant his separated wife a divorce and appears determined to put the pieces of his life back together. When once again he is called upon by the United States government reminding him of his sworn duties he signed on a sealed document which helped in his returning to America that lead promise to his French Visa. His world becomes turned upside down when one day at home as he's shouting, ranting and raving about how the United States government requests that he partakes in removing heads of state. Sonia Kaiser was to afraid to ask what it was he was carrying on about. The next thing he knows is he's on his way to Israel.

Forced to work together, the opinionated pair of Kaiser and the government often end up at odds with each another. Kaiser is determined to do what is right. His relationship with the United States government begins to fall apart when Ed Kaiser begins to steal classified material. The government becomes increasingly concerned about the information Kaiser has discovered as planned plots are taken to retrieve from Kaiser the stolen classified material.

The Nemesis

Edwin Kaiser has a few nemeses, himself included. Aside from Kaiser's mental state being a true threat, there is also Sturgis who poses as the villain. While the CIA does warm up to Kaiser, Kaiser holds unto a dark secret that could blow the CIA's assassination plots wide open. Kaiser's estranged wife, SONIA KAISER, 30s, also proves to be a hazard to the happiness that Edwin so desperately seeks. Finally, Edwin’s boss at U.S. Customs, STEVE 50s, the cold and uncaring head of the department, jeopardizes Edwin's career.

The Hero and the Twist

Sonia Kaiser, her life and spirit are broken after the death of her husband. Her world begins to crumble after learning how her husband had died. And, she must learn how to stand on her own two feet again. The problem is that everything she's doing to make herself happier is either very self-destructive and extremely psychologically damaging, or will end up leaving her more broken than she was before. She ultimately makes the decision to hide in secret and keep the information she learned about her husband from her children so that no harm would come to them. She has learned that the FBI is obeying the directive from J. Edgar Hoover to toe the line on the "single assassin" theory on one side, and the possible conspirators on the other - with Edwin Kaiser standing in the middle. The very definition of being in between a rock and a hard place when Edwin Kaiser's attache briefcase disappears after his death. Edwin's son, Scott Kaiser, discovers his father's long lost information his mother kept in secret, and develops a deep desire to find his father's murderers and begins a journey of his own.

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