Screenwriters : Most annoying common errors in movies ?

Most annoying common errors in movies ?

- Flash and thunder at the same time, despite the fact that the flash appeared clearly in kilometers distance. This is especially annoying because EVERYONE knows this from own experience.

- Guns having no recoil, including idiocies like big calibers getting shot from the hip by characters like Dirty Harry.

- Guns having unlimited, or far too many bullets; related, use of automatic fire from anybody not using a machine gun in a normal firefight when they actually try to hit something, despite the fact that this does not only massively waste bullets, but also costs accuracy.

- Actors clearly not aiming at all, i.e. holding their gun incorrectly, like clearly up towards the ceiling or down towards the ground instead of straight, yet hitting something. Annyoed me for example in Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda.

- People obviously cant aim at all, even if they are obviously trained; or people who have unrealistic aiming skills, despite not being trained; worse people showing extreme feats with weapons like thrown knifes.

- People are not looking for cover in a firefight. Worse people using cover that wouldnt actually protect from bullets, and yet its somehow working.

- Not a specific error, but often one can see people making unrealistic, endless speeches during fights, or unrealistical slow reactions

- Sound in space, especially also explosions.

- Weightlessness in space; all energy is off and yet somehow the artificial gravitation is still active. Related - if a person has the ability to pass through matter, they would fall through the ground.

- Space is cold. Well, if you leave a starship on its own, then certainly it would drop to 3 Kelvin over time. But as long as human beings are inside that ship, you have a quite strong oven (the humans themselves) against a near perfect isolation (the vacuum of space).

- Life support fails. What is life support ? Refreshing oxygen. In many such situations, the spaceship is pretty large and has a lot of air. Should take a long time before, after a failure of life support, air would really get tight.

- Unrealistic description of suffocation through vacuum (one loses consciousness after 14 seconds when the oxygen depleted blood reaches the brain; no "explosions" or anything of that kind, otherwise people would already explode after climbing the Mount Everest which after all has only approx 1/3 of air pressure at sea level, no boiling of blood because its inside your body and thus not directly exposed to the vacuum. Your spit however will indeed boil away).

- Underwater, air or space fights ignoring the third dimension (oddly this happends especially often in space fights)

- Swords making a metal sounds when drawn; scabbards are leather or cloth inside to protect the sword from rust.

- Nuclear explosions. Nuclear explosions have a very distinctive sequence of events that most movies dont even remotely try to emulate. Lots of YouTube videos can show you real nuclear explosions. For example in Battlestar Galactica a single hit with a nuclear bomb would destroy the majority of the just 2km long starship, even if we only assume a Hiroshima bomb; a hydrogen bomb would instantly convert the whole ship into plasma.

- Related: Black holes. Not a SINGLE movie I've seen with them had an even remotely realistic black hole. For example:
* The black hole is often really big; but only the black hole in the center of the galaxies actually have the size of a star or even a star system, while weighting as much as millions or even billions solar masses - but a normal black hole that remains from a star is typically about 25 km in diameter, while it weights three solar masses.
* People claim that a black hole would "eat anything in the environment" despite the fact that it really doesnt - for example if the sun would collapse into a black hole this very instant, the earth and all other bodies in the solar system would keep the exact same orbit as before. It is thus an ordinary gravitational object - other objects that dont directly aim at it wont make their way into them, everything else just misses and is on its way again, and a black hole is astronomically a very tiny object and thus very hard to hit.
* Despite the fact that the spaceship would have to travel at almost lightspeed to be close to a black hole, the stars in the background appear completely static.
* Also the problem of spagettification is completely ignored. The gravitation at the event horizont is a billion billion times as strong as earths gravitation (pretty exactly, because thats how strong gravitation has to be that even light cant escape). So if you get close enough to the black hole your head might weight a million tons while your feet might weight a million tons plus a thousand tons - assuming the feet are closer to the black hole. Thus there is a force of thousand tons between your head and your feet - enough to rip you apart. Spagettification only doesnt appear if you are getting closer to really large black holes - because then the difference between your heads and your feets weight will be small enough that you arent ripped appart just yet.
* Often black holes are displayed with an accredition disc, but this is actually rare, especially if its a single solar black hole that probably would never ever have one, ever, at any point of its development; there is just not enough material around.

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