Screenwriters : Let's make a movie.

Let's make a movie.

Bleepy took home the game and turned it into a weasel warrior sword missle transporter time passage in hopes of changing the way his life was going but he didn’t know if that was all entirely possible cause you see as the homeboy brad used to say you can smoke a cigar but that don’t mean you can drive and even if you own a car don’t mean it’ll go far.
Stop here mate. Jukie gets out of the car and pulls out a water pistol. Don’t want no trouble Maxwell, you hear me good?
Indeed I do. Maxwell replied.
Do you have your supersoaker on you? In case anyone come around looking to start trouble?
Maxwell pulls out two supersoakers and gives them both a quick trigger pull to show that his guns were both loaded.
Okay good they shouldn’t be any problems but in case they is I just wanted to know you was carrying cause if you wasn’t I had another one in my trunk but it don’t have water so it might not do you any good.
Maxwell nods. Why didn’t you fill it? Better safe than sorry, right?
Bleepy smiles. You know we gotta a city water shortage. Didn’t wanna waste the water. Anyway, I gotta go grease these suckers and before you ask I’m sure I got this one. If I need you I’ll bleep.
A few minutes later Maxwell met his true love. Foxy Mcflurry. She was all sorts of good and sweet. Lots of men knew her from the club. She was Vinny Gecko’s main lady. He’d drown you in supersoaker if he knew you wanted his girl. But, Max, he didn’t care. Nope. Not Max, all Max wanted was a ride on the town. His roof top down crusing the city and admiring the skyline. That was Maxwell at his best. He loved sight.
Foxy and her gal Myra come strolling into the alley. Maxwell asks the chicks if they dig his ride. Indeed they do. Maxwell asks if they wanna go for a ride on the town. They dig the idea and hop into the Max-Mobile. “We just gotta wait for my friend. His name is Bleepy Portman.”
Bleepy steps out of the door and into the alley. He can see the chicks in the car and he isn’t all that happy. Doesn’t say nothing though. He just tucks his supersoaker in the holster and heads over to the car. Just hops in he don’t care to ask question and Maxwell being Maxwell knew exactly what he should do. “Let’s make this a night to remember.”
Maxwell smiles at the chicks through his rearviewmirror.
They giggle and do a little cheer.
The Mystic was a beautiful place. The texture was holographic sorta like looking at a holographic moon or something. It was like no city you’d ever seen. Maxwell knew Bleepy had only a few good weeks left in him if he was lucky so he wanted to do something nice for the guy. Sure the mystic is considered the suicide city since everyone usually takes one last drive down sunset avenue before going home and killing themselves. Just a way of life I guess. One more party before calling it quits. For a dead man to be Bleepy was overly paranoid. He kept shaking like maybe his nerves was acting up. Was it the chicks? Or cancer drugs? Was he even taking cancer drugs?
“Maxwell, do these women know that we have four or five more stops before we can have any fun?”
Maxwell slowly turns his head.
“Yeah, they know. Is that cool ladies?”
The ladies giggle and go..”Yeah, it’s cool. We love adventures.”
Bleepy turns around to ask the ladies a question.
“Say, you ladies wouldn’t know any water holders, would you?”
A water holder was one of the most important jobs in the city. They kept guns hydrated and crime violent. It wouldn’t be criminal without a little rush of danger. Though, water holding jobs are hard to come by these days since the great draught swept into Paradise Azure.
Foxy goes like “Yeah, I know quite a few actually. My man controls this city.”
Bleepy looks paler than a bucket but he maintains color and proceeds to ask Foxy who her man is and of course she tells him Vinny Gecko.
Bleepy and Gecko have a history. Supposedly Gecko killed his ex wife and daughter over some stolen jewels that Gecko thought Bleepy stole but it turned out to be Neil Mars so Gecko paid Bleepy all this money and told him the kingdom would be his as long as he didn’t fire back. Bleepy didn’t fire back. He took the money but he felt like a pawn in some cruel game. But, Vinny Gecko likely wouldn’t recognize Bleepy now that he’s cancer ridden and lost most of the weight he had last time he was Gecko.
Bleepy coughs up a grin and turns around.
“Say, Foxy, how is your old man these days?”
The car rolled into dugmore ally around 8 pm that evening, The chicks were feeling groovy smoking a joint with Max. All giggling and such having a grand old time.
Bleepy steps out of the vehicle and proceeds to the pool hall. He pulls out his supersoaker and kicks down the door. This was an easy score. Some kid was working the register. Bleepy felt bad but he had to do what he had to do. He wondered what Vinny Gecko would do if he caught the two of them with his chick. Probably kill us. But what did it matter? Bleepy was already a dead man walking.
If Gecko caught them with his chicks he would take the money too and that couldn’t happen. Bleepy had to find some way of ditching these chicks. Maxwell wanted a good time huh? He should have went to a strip joint. He’s a VIP member. All he needs to do is flash the card. What was Maxwell’s angle? He was never this social? Hell, he was never this daring. What was Maxwell planning?

Vinny Gecko pulls out a cigar and inhales. He knew he wasn’t supposed to inhale cigars but he didn’t care. “My city, my rules.”
Vinny takes out a phone and calls Soup Campbell. “Hey soup check on Foxy for me…”
Vinny had once placed a tracking device in her food at dinner so he’s able to see her at all times.
Soup responds…
“Sir, she’s in a vehicle moving towards Sunset and Renegade…”
Vinny sits back…clearly angered…
“Well, well, have a few cars roll by to have a closer look.”
“Will do sir.”
Vinny slides the call end button and sits back in his chair.
“Looks like we got company Max.”
Max looks out of the sideview mirror and sees two black SUV’s moving in fast.
“Oh no! If Vinny finds out I’m with you guys he’ll kill me!”
Bleepy turns around towards Foxy…
“Duck down, that way when they drive past us they won’t see you.”
Myra starts to cry…
Bleepy hands her a tissue.
“Girls you might want to buckle up…these guys mean business.”
The first SUV slams into Maxwell’s car. Max is a good driver so he maintains control of the vehicle. He’s waiting for the second SUV to hit them and it does several moments after the first one.
Max takes a quick turn down Sunset North.
This seems to throw the SUV’s off.
“Bleepy hand me your phone.”
Bleepy hands Maxwell the phone…
Maxwell dials Vinny Gecko…
“Hey, Vinny, this is Maxwell.”
No answer but Max can hear someone on the line. The heavy breathing gives Vinny away.
“We have your chicks with us and if you was smart, you’d call those SUV’s off. We have three loaded water pistols and a death wish.”
Vinny Gecko slams something against the wall of his office.
“Vinny if you’re still there I suggest you meet us at Playhouse Lanes Bowling Alley with one hundred million dollars cash if you want your women to see tomorrow.”
The line hangs up which likely means that Maxwell and Bleepy will see Vinny Gecko at Playhouse Lanes in less than twenty-minutes.
Max hands Bleepy duct tape and tells the chicks to zip their mouths shut if they wanna live…
The woman put the duct tape around their mouths and do as Maxwell says…
“Why are you doing this Max?”
Maxwell takes out a badge revealing to Bleepy that he is an undercover cop.
“A few years back Gecko iced my partner Ricky Rogers in cold blood. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to kill him so when I saw his chick walking passed my car I knew it was fate. If I had a chance to kill that son of a bitch it was now or never.”
Bleepy sits back and takes a deep breath. He’d read about Ricky Rogers in the paper. Some undercover detail gone wrong. An ex-police chief named Randy Sanchez was being paid by Gecko so when Gecko pushed him to unveil the mole, Sanchez ratted.
Sanchez got away dry as the Sahara Desert and the city painted Rogers out to be some crooked thug.
“I Haven’t slept a wink since that night.”
Foxy tries to pull a gun from her ankle but Myra karate chops her in the neck before she can fire any shots.
Myra pulls out a badge.
“My real name is Summer Salt, I’m working undercover for Oresund Valley.”
Summer takes out her cell phone and says she knows a guy that can get to Gecko before he gets to Playhouse Lanes. She dials a number. Says it belongs to The Monarch King.
Maxwell’s phone starts ringing…-batman ringtone-
His face blushes…
Summer jumps forward and whispers to Maxwell.
“Your The Monarch King?”
“Me? No! Not at all. Hold on I have to vomit.”
Maxwell stops the car and runs into a dark alley.
Out of the darkness steps a male in a blue body suit with a red cape, some sort of spiked hair wig, and sunglasses.
“I’m The Monarch King…Maxwell told me you were in trouble. How can I help you?”
Before anyone can speak The Monarch King hops behind the wheel of Maxwell’s car and speeds for Playhouse Lanes.
In the end…The Monarch King spots Gecko’s car driving to the meet. He decides to drive into the car and Gecko’s driver Soup Campbell loses control of the car. He crashes into a brick wall. Soup is killed instantly but Gecko is seen crawling from the crash site on all fours.
The Monarch King jumps out of the car and swings across the street. He lands on top of Gecko and starts beating him up.
Foxy tries to run to Gecko’s aid but she’s slapped by Myra. Foxy turns around like “You a lying bitch!”
Foxy takes a swing but Myra ducks the first punch and delivers two punches of her own into Foxy’s stomach. Foxy falls to the ground and reaches for her ankle.
In slow motion she pulls out her water pistol and aims at Myra.
Bleepy jumps in front of the shot and takes the full blunt of it.
Myra does a spinning back kick and knocks the pistol out of Foxy’s hand.
Summer flips Foxy around and slaps cuffs on her wrist.
She runs over to crash site and sees The Monarch King punching Gecko.
“We got him Maxwell you can stop punching him.”
“No, I can’t. He killed Rogers. I can’t let that go.”
Gecko’s skull rattles off the ground.
“Maxwell cuff him!”
“We need him alive Maxwell!”
Maxwell doesn’t seem to care as he continues to punch Gecko in the face.
Summer takes out her walkie talkie. “I’m calling it in Maxwell.”
Summer pulls out her water pistol and sprays Maxwell’s leg.
He looks up and cries out in pain.
“You bitch!”
Maxwell climbs off of Gecko and limps into the darkness. Summer slaps cuffs onto Gecko’s wrists.
-police sirens-
Maxwell appears as himself and out of breath. “Where’d you guys go? I was feeling so dizzy and then….”
He sees that Gecko is in cuffs.
Maxwell puts his arm around Summer as the rest of the police force pulls up to the crash site. The officers swarm the site with guns out…
Maxwell & Summer look on as the man who caused them so much grief is finally thrown into the back of a police car.

We have what we seek, it is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known.