Sports Films : Superbowl 2016/2017: Two Questions

Superbowl 2016/2017: Two Questions

Question 1: Who would you LIKE to see in the Superbowl?

Question 2: Who do you THINK WILL be in the Superbowl?

As a primarily Bengals secondarily Panthers fan I would love to see a Bengals/Panthers Superbowl. Well I've been thinking, since their both duds this season.. who would I LIKE to see in the Superbowl this season? Raiders/Cowboys.

I would love to see a Raiders/Cowboys Superbowl! Two formerly great teams who have not only not won the championship in too long, but haven't even been there in too long. And of course this year it looks like such a real possibility.

I mean damn this year is very disappointing in ways.. which AFC teams even look worthy of actually being in the Superbowl? Patriots and Raiders. Two. And surprisingly the Dolphins look more deserving than all the rest in my opinion.

NFC actually has a lot more teams I think look worthy. Cowboys, Giants, Skins, Lions, Falcons, Seahawks.. maybe even the Saints.

Actually I think that's my prediction too - Raiders/Cowboys. I think Cowboys will win.