Sports Films : best 'fake' sports movies

best 'fake' sports movies

what's your vote

mine is ----- Salute of the jugger

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Mine would have to be:


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Hilarious. I love David Zucker.

Babylon A.D. - 5/10
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 5/10

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The First Rollerball movie

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For its day, Running Man was pretty cool.(Although I would love to see a remake of it, making it true to the original Bachman/King story.)

Baseketball by Parker and Stone was hiliarious!

I have enjoyed both versions of Rollerball(when taken separately, on their own merits.)

Future Sport starring Dean Cain and Wesley Snipes was OK at best.(Knock-off version of Rollerball.)

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Re: best 'fake' sports movies

I wish there were more movies about fictional sports.

I loved the first "Rollerball".

Was "Running Man" about a sport or a game show?

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"Fake sports?"

Another vote for the first Rollerball movie here.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin' on here?

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Hunger Games and Running Man

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