Oldboy : My idea for any potential future "Oldboy" reboots/re-imaginings

My idea for any potential future "Oldboy" reboots/re-imaginings

The one thing that kinda troubled me about this remake- on it's own, it's not the worst film ever made or anything. It's just passable. (Although it's clearly been butchered by the studio-enforced edits and you can tell it's missing key scenes, and is obviously nowhere near as good as the masterpiece that is the original)

But it feels kinda pointless for them to have just remade the Korean film, which itself was only a loose adaptation that did its own thing with the concept introduced in the manga.

If anything, they should have followed the first film's example by using the original manga as a springboard and telling a unique story utilizing the same basic set-up. The idea of being locked up for 10+ years and suddenly released is a great concept and can go in literally hundreds if not thousands of different directions. It would have been far more fascinating to have seen them do their own thing with it than just regurgitating what came before. If they ever try to do another "Oldboy" film in the future, I'd love for them to do just that- use the basic set-up but come up with a new story to focus on. (Since I don't think a more direct adaptation of the manga would work necessarily for many audiences due to cultural differences.)

My Idea:

I wouldn't mind seeing them do something like a single-run event series for Netflix or another streaming service like it. Like 4-6 hour-long episodes. The growing quality of Netflix and internet-original series has been staggering and incredible the past few years, with many streaming shows rivaling and even exceeding not only standard cable series, but Hollywood films as a whole. Coupled with that, it's a far less restrictive way to tell a story since you don't have to compensate for commercials or cable-channel content restrictions.

That way they could take the time and really nurture the storyline and let it grow in ways that it might not in a more traditional film.

And I think they could really get some great work done if they included staff from previously established Netflix series. Ex. Drew Goddard, who did some incredible work on Daredevil would make for a great producer. (Hell, in a lot of ways DD had a core creative team that would mesh fantastic with the Oldboy concept. They respect comic source material, but also are confident and able to use the source material as a springboard to tell the stories they want to tell. Even the famous single-shot fight sequence from Season One of DD was wonderfully executed and definitely reminded me of the mastery of the single-shot fight sequence from the original Oldboy)

Yes, give hints and nods to the original (ex. do their own take on the single-shot fight sequence, have an episode that focuses on the imprisonment and show the passing of time in a similar montage style, etc.), but tell a more unique story.

Anyone else think this would be a great way of exploring any potential future attempts at an Oldboy remake/reboot/re-imagining?

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