Oldboy : The Hallway Fight Homage…

The Hallway Fight Homage…

What was up with this? I don't want to get into comparing with the original fight scene, but what was the editing about here?

The geography makes no sense.

We get many shots of the layout of this floor of the building. Joe releases Jackson's character and dashes off screen with a mass of men immediately on his heels. It then cuts to a long 2 tier hallway. Joe literally dashed into another set that can't exist in the geography of the movie! He is at the far end and the men that were behind him enter at the opposite edge. Is Joe The Flash? How did he do that?! Where are we?!

Was this a production thing, where maybe they thought they weren't going to remake The Hammer fight, and then later decided to do it afterall and just had to jam it in even though it was a different set and didn't make sense?

It's the goofiest thing ever.

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I thought the same thing. The transition into the narrow hallway was clunky and confusing.

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Spike's hallway fight just isn't as great as Chan-wook Park's....Chan-wook Park did his scene as a long, arduous battle through a single hall....that single hall made it really come off impressively. Spike has them fight in what looks like two or three locations.

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Ok, this is not what I was speaking to.

The geography of the scene doesn't make sense. Joe entered through a garage of a host of parallel garages. He also exited from either the same garage (from appearances) or another identical garage that sits exactly beside the entrance he came in on.

Yet, the entire point of having to come up through that elevator, was it was designed as security to be the only point of entrance...yet Joe runs off screen in the evasion/hammer-fight revealing the security makes no sense, and there is more elevator access off-screen as well as stair-well access that isn't guarded at all...what?!

He also had superspeed.

Very sloppy editing. I dunno what was supposed to happen here, or how many reshoots were recovered and shoved together for this scene, but it's a real freakin mess.

It's impossible for that elevator to open into another garage beside the one he entered in. It's also impossible it's the same elevator for obvious reasons. Like, WTF is up with this scene?! Just everything about it doesn't make any sort of structural sense. It's really hard to mess that up that badly, unless they filmed that first and there were a ton of rewrites but they couldn't dispose of such costly material to film.