Oldboy : Is Adrian's family totally deaf?

Is Adrian's family totally deaf?

The daughter gets shot by a freaking shotgun and the mom is just walking down the stairs like a goddamn shotgun didn't just go off one room away. Then the mom gets shot and the kid upstairs doesn't wake up from those two shots, but he wakes up when the dad enters the room...Like what?
Also, what's up with those kids being so eager to have sex with the dad? Is that all this family does? They don't talk, they just have sex at all hours of the day. That whole scene was just terrible.

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hahahaha. true.

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It's a movie/TV thing. Like when characters let off 100s of rounds in a residential neighborhood with an automatic weapon but no one comes outside to see what's going on. Let alone call the police.

In reality, if someone is playing loud music for more than a few minutes, people start to gather outside. Forget an unusual sound like a single gunshot. People show up with their cameras at the first sign of something interesting.

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i totally agree.. it all seemed so weird and sort of cheesy... should've been filmed another way, i loved the rest of the movie though

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I kinda liked it. I'm a sucker for the long take. There was some iffy CGI at the end when the Dad blew his head off, but otherwise, technically, it was great. I can buy the non-reality.. It's a movie.


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I know. That whole scene was horrible. I was trying to come up with a way that makes sense. Only thing I can think of was it was Adrian's memory, so it might not have went down exactly as shown.

Adrian would like to think that everyone was calm, that even when their father was killing them that they were all submissive to his will. Would explain why young Andrian was so eager to drop his pants when his father walks into the room with a freaking shotgun.

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the kids were probably abused from a very early age and were used to submitting to his demands, they have been conditioned to oblige to his sexual demands and he probably did make demands in the middle of the day.
I thought the scene was quite sad.

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i found that bizarre as well; the scene should have shown the mum running down the stairs to find out what happened only to be shot in the chest. i can accept that maybe adrian was a heavy sleeper and could have slept through the sound of the gunshots, but to show him stripping off happily when his dad has a shot gun in his hand was not very convincing.

i also thought it was a cop out having the father be the one having sex with is children, as that is clearly abusive. in the original the brother and sister were in a consensual sexual relationship which is more disturbing.

i have to say that all of the changes to the plot in the remake invariably diluted the emotional impact of the film.