So Bad They're Good : Basket Case (1982)

Basket Case (1982)
A film you'll either love or hate, but for me it was love at first sight.
Basket Case is a great, creative and very memorable little b-movie, that has hold up very well, considering its low budget.

If I had seen this as a kid, it would probably given me nightmares for years to come, but as I saw it much later, it was a hilarious movie experience but one that I keep coming back too, as with most of Frank Henenlotters other great films such as Brain Damage (1988) and Frankenhooker (1990).

I never really cared for the sequels, which I thought were either funny or entertaining, just lousy, but since they are Henenlotter movies, I ended up buying them, just to have them in my film collection.

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great, creative and very memorable


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I agree with everything you said and wanted to add that there are some wonderfully quirky characters, especially the women.

Casey is my favorite.