So Bad They're Good : Could "Lavalantula" be the next "Sharknado?"

Could "Lavalantula" be the next "Sharknado?"

It seemed like SyFy tacked "Lavalantula" onto the tail end of their "Sharknado Week" lineup as an afterthought...but it rolled up all of the silly shark movies that SyFy had aired before it and SMOKED'em!!

I was originally going to review all of the 2015 Sharknado Week movies on my blog but since most of 'em sucked I decided to focus on the glory that was "Lavalantula" instead....

Re: Could "Lavalantula" be the next "Sharknado?"

I did LOL a lot during Lavalantula and still want to finish it's sequel

Rob Zombie is one of the greatest directors today

Re: Could "Lavalantula" be the next "Sharknado?"

Technically it could never be, since both sagas are part of the same universe.