So Bad They're Good : Demons


Brilliant idea for a horror movie, cheesy effects. It has its flaws but I like it a lot. The sequel, unfortunately, was so bad it's bad.

"Worthington, we're being attacked by giant bats!"

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Great flick. Yeah, it has massive plot holes that you can drive a truck through, but the makeup/FX are great and it scores extra points for having a ton of classic '80s metal on the soundtrack

I reviewed it on my blog awhile ago. I've been meaning to check out the sequel so I can do a follow up:

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In regards to the "so bad they're good" aspect, i do love the english language dub a lot. There's some seriously funny line deliveries in that film.

" She's right! She put on that mask and scratched herself. Get it? Because of that scratch, she became a demon! An instrument of evil ! "

" These machines are automatic!...They run by themselves ! "

" They won't get me, that's for sure! "

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The effects looked awesome at the time. And the soundtrack rocked!

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Great movie and Bobby Rhodes as both Tony da Pimp and Hank the gymn instructor were awesome. Sadly their roles was not bigger, but still the most funny and memorable characters of the two films.

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it had a great hard rock and metal soundtrack. overall it is very hard to go wrong with 1980's horror

Rob Zombie is one of the greatest directors today

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I'll take Demons over most horror films these days... there are many ridiculous things about it, but I love it.

I even have a bit of fondness for Demons 2...