So Bad They're Good : Swiss Army Man-ia

Swiss Army Man-ia

I'm very curious to hear what others think about this film. I thought it was freaking great! Hardest I have laughed, and most I have cringed in a long time. It was like Weekend at Bernie's meets Castaway meets Creepy Pasta. It was unique, unusual, and pushed the boundaries of morality and taste. It was like a beautiful train wreck and, as twisted as it got at times, I just couldn't look away. The montage of him using the corpse for swiss army functionality nearly made me wet myself, and wack-a-doodle scenes like when he drank out of him, or decapitated the beaver, or shaved with his teeth, or when you figure out he was right behind someone's home for a good portion of the time all were absolutely priceless. It was twisted, F'd up, just plain wrong... and I absolutely loved it!

Re: Swiss Army Man-ia

For starters. I did not expect Daniel Radcliff to make a movie as a corps and make it this awesomely weird. His acting impresses. The swiss army montage is deffinetly one of the most rememberable scenes in a long while. It was fun to see something that just broke out of the normal movies.
The movie sort of feels like a b-movie but still is made as good as an normal movie. Either you're gonna love or hate it, it takes a certain kind of humor to appreciate this masterpiece.