Last of the Summer Wine : Barry + Glenda

Barry + Glenda

Does anyone else find Barry and Glenda a bit odd? How old are they supposed to be in the show? I keep thinking she will stand up to her mother, but she never does. I do like how she always takes up for her husband and is so crazy over him and vice versa.

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Aw, I love Glenda and the way she talks about "her Barry". Her mother needs to lighten up. She's just jealous of Barry and Glenda. They're such a sweet pair.


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Yeah I love 'em! Really sweet although Glenda does get borderline annoying towards the end when she mistrusts him.

Re: Barry + Glenda

They made a good counterpoint to the other older women who were always complaining about the men.

I would have like to have seen an episode where she let her hair down as I think that would have made her more attractive instead of that old-maid Beehive style, which I think was intended.

That being said, I always liked her looks (sexy), enjoyed her performances and only wish she had been given larger parts.