Last of the Summer Wine : Summer Wine Land is No More

Summer Wine Land is No More

It is my understanding that a lot of the beautiful open landscapes that all of us viewers enjoy so much have now been blighted by "developers" building houses with selling point being the landscapes.

This positively infantile preoccupation with bosoms!Terry-Thomas about US 1963.Hasnt changed much!

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That is probably why Beatrice Potter bought up a lot of the countryside to keep natural. I would love to visit Last of the Summer Wine area.

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Holmfirth is (within reason) pretty much untouched.

It's hard to stop the scumbag developers but they have kept it to a minimum around Holmfirth.

Very large areas of North Yorkshire are pristine beauty - even the home of Heartbeat, Goathland (I visited there in 2011-12) is gorgeous scenery.

The N York moors are an untouched wilderness - if you ever watched Julia Bradbury doing the "Coast to Coast", she goes through them... we had a meal at that "hiker's pub" she stops at.

There's three bands across England (of course, with some exceptions).

South of a line through Suffolk = populated and harder to find the real "open countryside".

Suffolk to a line across Hadrian's Wall = lots of untouched wilderness.

Above H's Wall = people? What the hell are "people"??? (outside of towns, I mean).

We often go up into the Cheviots for a drive, we can go for hours and not see a car, only see people in the little villages..