Last of the Summer Wine : I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I've always found this program . . . depressing.

Don't get me wrong . . . I get a chuckle, once in a while, but seeing old men remembering "glory days" only makes me pity them. Tonight was the worst.

Just finished watching "Elegy for Fallen Wellies" (2000).

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Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I'd rather watch old episodes of this than some of the rubbish on TV now.

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I have quite the opposite feeling when watching the series. LotSW's ragbag of sprightly senior citizens and their adventures ending with hilaaarious consequences, makes me feel less depressed about getting older. It's great to see a show where pensioners aren't just burdens to their families or stuck in a corner of the living room, waiting to die. It's cosy viewing, with regular little moments of cheeky innuendo and it makes me giggle.

I would say the only thing which makes me sad is when a cast member dies or an actor is relegated to doing much less in the series due to their increasing age, especially dear old Peter Sallis. But I soon become distracted enough by the antics of the newer members of the show so it's not too bad.

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I've just discovered this series recently and have only watched a few episodes, but I love the adventures and antics of the old guys. It gives me hope that in my old age I might join up with a few old girls and amuse ourselves with similar experiences.

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

Same here, elainesz. When I'm older, I think I'd like to hold gossipy coffee mornings like Edie's - and nab the only chocolate éclair on the cream cake platter! (I think I'll leave the rolling down hills in various contraptions to someone else!)

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I am here in OETA Country where this series has a very strong following and it's been on in full rotation for at least the last two decades that I am aware.

I'd also like to point out that there are more than enough oldsters in this part of the country with ties to their roots all the way back to childhood.

This show is proof-positive that keeping active beyond retirement leads to a very long lifespan.

I hope you do get together with old schoolchums in your later years and pull more than your share of pranks on each other as well as the youngster upstarts we all know are just waiting for it.

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Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

Well, yes, hifijohn, I do agree in later years the series had gotten very predictable and repetitive, but I think some people enjoy that kind of familiarity. The earlier series were quite different and are worth a watch, before the show fell into its cosier rhythm.

I still think Roy Clarke should be commended for having been able to get so much material out of LotSW. Series these days often become stale after two or three years.

If it's not really your humour, fair enough, nobody has to like it, but it had a huge following both in the UK and abroad, loved by the young and old alike. I think the audiences laughed enthusiastically because they made the screenings fun and everyone there must have been in good spirits - there's nowt wrong with that!

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I began watching the series in the late 70s. I often wondered what was it that enticed me to watch a show in which three men make fools of themselves; could it be the location...such a calming effect and very pleasent to the eyes.

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

I think that is definitely another big reason why I like the series, lunar11. Living in a noisy, crowded city like London, as I do, I yearn for the spacious countryside surroundings we see in the show. Just watching it can be theraputic for me in that sense. The scenery they film in is so lovely - you don't often have such wonderful settings as that in most British sitcoms.

Re: I've always found this program . . . depressing.

Agree completely!

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