Last of the Summer Wine : Actors' employment

Actors' employment

I'm not intending this to be an insult, as I love the programme, but now that "Summer Wine" is ending, do you think any of the elderly actors, some who don't do any other TV programmes, will work again?

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I can't see Wallace and Gromit ending do you?

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I wasn't really referring to the likes of Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton and June Whitfield etc, who are all much-loved veteran British actors. I was thinking more of Jane Freeman, Robert Fyfe etc, who only really do "Summer Wine" as TV work.

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I'm sure there will be something. June Witfield is still in Corrie isn't she?

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Yes, this is an interesting point. I think in the almost-four years since the show ended, the only cast member who's died is Frank Thornton (ok, Trevor Bannister too although he wasn't a principal cast member). I think LOTSW was his last work so he'd earned a couple of years rest before he died.

I'm not sure Peter Sallis has worked since. They have another Wallace. Peter is 93 and has health problems but it does seem he might go on forever (I'm sure he'd have carried on with the show)!

Unfortunately due to the nature of typecasting, and their ongoing commitment to the show (only three months of the year, but it was every year) I think the careers of many of the show's actors WAS Last of the Summer Wine. Robert Fyfe (who, like Sallis and Thornton, is at the age where he's earned a rest) and Jean Fergusson both had parts in Coronation Street - Jean hammed it up marvellously!

It's sadder when the actors who aren't quite at the dropping-off point yet have seen their careers dry up. Jane Freeman's age is unknown, but she might conceivably be in her 80s too, and have earned enough for her retirement over 37 years' work. I don't think the slightly younger cast have done much since though: poor Juliette Kaplan, Sarah Thomas and Mike Grady, all of whom are good actors and deserve to be seen more. Still, I believe Juliette and Sarah had steady work in panto so maybe that is continuing.

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