Last of the Summer Wine : Foggy's fibs

Foggy's fibs

I've been watching some re-runs on Gold, and I get really fed up with Foggy's twaddle about when he was in Burma during the War killing Japs (when he was actually a sign-writer). If Foggy had really served there, he would have got the Burma Star campaign medal, but he never mentions it (presumably because he hasn't got one). Instead, he keeps going on about his adventures, which the others know to be stupid fantasies. My uncle actually served in Burma, though he never talked about it much. Foggy's fairy-tales are an insult to those who fought in that terrible campaign.

Re: Foggy's fibs

It was foggy that made LOTSW so interesting and funny in my view...him and compo were to say in Persian "the salt" of the show.

Re: Foggy's fibs

lol ...
He very well may have served in Burma, saw some terrible things, went a bit barmy and, the high brass decided to reward him with a job making signs so he could still get to pension age.

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