Last of the Summer Wine : Viewing filming locations on Google Earth

Viewing filming locations on Google Earth

While playing around with Google Earth I decided to view Holmfirth and amazingly, I could find and recognize several of the filming locations of LOTSW. It’s sort of like touring the sites without actually having to travel.

I have found several of the popular sites and I hope some knowledgeable fans can tell where more are.

Here are the sites I’ve found:

The Café is clearly recognizable in the middle of Holmfirth. It is at the NE corner of Station Road and Dunford Road.

Nora Batty’s and Compo’s residences are 775 feet WSW of the Café on the south side of Woodhead Road. Nora’s steps are barely visible.

Norman Clegg’s and Howard and Pearl’s residences are on Hill Street in Jackson Bridge 1.38 miles ESE of the Café. You can even see the green vines growing on the front of Clegg’s house.

The White Horse Inn is immediately east of Clegg’s house.

The bridge with three arches is 2000 feet SE of Clegg’s house.

Edie and Wesley’s residence is 1.29 miles SW of the Café on Spring Lane where it intersects Dobb Lane.

The location of Wesley’s shed is 325 feet NE of their residence on Spring Lane. The shed is not there. Maybe they only placed it there while filming.

Auntie Wainright’s shop is on Oliver Lane in Marsden and is about 6.18 miles WNW of the Café.

Lodge’s Supermarket where Marina worked and Howard bought lots of glue is in Holmfirth about 1000 feet north of the Café.

The sports fields (Beware of Laughing at Nora’s Hats) are in Holmfirth about 1530 feet north of the Café.

The old railway viaduct (Three Men and a Mangle) is near Thornton, Bradford and is 15.38 miles NNW of the Café.

I have not found Barry and Glenda’s residence, the narrow bridge that was often used when Foggy was the third man, or the bridge that people were often getting dropped off of. Can anyone help?

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Cant believe no one has replied to you.
I used to live near Holmfirth and I know that Barry and Glenda's house is in Hade Edge on Green Abbey about 1.5 miles south of Holmfirth.
No idea where the bridge is though sorry.

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Thank you very much for the information. I found a website that contains a map showing dozens of locations where they filmed the show. Barry and Glenda’s house is just where you said it was.

I had no idea there were so many different locations where the show was made. It must have taken the show’s creators a lot of effort to find the perfect location for each scene, prepare it for filming, transport the cast and crew, and then finally film the scene. They had to do all this while dealing with the weather and curious onlookers. I’m glad they went to all the trouble because the show just wouldn’t be the same if they took the easy way out and filmed it all inside a studio.

The website’s address is

Re: Viewing filming locations on Google Earth

This guide is a must see ...

includes legend and France location. Switch to Earth View. Click on flags. Zoom in.

Official site ??

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