Last of the Summer Wine : crispycobb….. salad or goodie

crispycobb….. salad or goodie

Hey everybody… just watched epo of “last of the summer wine” the other night and Barry (mike Grady and Glenda (Sarah Thomas went on and on about wanting a “CRISPY COBB” I have lQQked everywhere and cannot fine just what they meant just what is a crispy cob/ cobb (by the way I fine plenty of reference to a CRISBY COBB salad but I don’t think wanted a salad yes no maybe

thanks much for your efforts on my behalf
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a Crispy Cob is a crispy spherical sandwich roll, usually freshly baked!

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Thanks. Wondered that myself.

This show gave me an education in British slang/terms.

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That reminded me of a Jewish Australian woman named Dita Cobb who was on various talk shows & quizzes in the 1960s & 1970s. She became friends with Zsa Zsa Gabor & regularly went to visit her in the USA.

After one trip somebody mentioned how much weight she lost. She replied "It's the food, I find American food inedible so I don't eat much. When I get back to Australia and the lovely crusty bread I just pack the weight on."