The Stepford Wives : Another Rosemary's Baby similarity

Another Rosemary's Baby similarity

We just watched this movie and then stumbled upon "Rosemary's Baby" last night. It is so intersting how, in both stories, the husband is so quickly convinced to do something so terrible. The way the husband in "RB" keeps wanting to go over to the older couple's apartment is so similar to Walter's attachment to the Men's Association. I never realized how similar they were... and I kept wondering what in the world would have happened had these men completely freaked out and not wanted to have anything to do with these sinister plans. Both stories hinge on a man quickly and willingly going along with a horrible, horrible plot.

Re: Another Rosemary's Baby similarity

okay, well…

rosemary's baby i think was a sort of jab at hollywood. actors will do ANYTHING to climb and that to me explains cassavetes. plus he fits the movie and is a good match for mia farrow.

meanwhile, zero charisma has no motivation for this to happen. there's nothing in it for him. he has the perfect wife and a robot would have paled to what she is already.

cassavetes in rb was an actor who had no career and then got the break that could put him on top of the game, which is every actor's dream and, again… it's not like Baldy in this film was given any carrot on a stick.

plus, while having the devi's child is pretty bad, he didn't agree to have his wife murdered, like here.