Rancho Deluxe : An anti-establishment film…****SPOILERS****

An anti-establishment film…****SPOILERS****

...unfortunately it's also anti-entertainment too.

This is the film that thinks it's funny to strand a bull & have it create havoc in the honeymoon suite. Then expect us to laugh when the hotel staff think that there is a newly wed couple in there going at it like knives.
It thinks it's stylish to have two characters deliver a lot of dialogue whilst playing the Pong video game.
It also thinks we will take to two of the most unappealing characters to ever grace our cinema screens. Don't blink and miss the messy scenes which deliver their "back story"
The best thing about it is at least they end up in prison at the end!

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...even when it's ridiculous.

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yeah, just about everything this person mentioned is pretty cool in this film. especially the having a conversation while playing pong. that was creative. i couldn't believe pong was around in 1974.