Romance : Thoughts on both versions of The Thomas Crown affair

Thoughts on both versions of The Thomas Crown affair

The Thomas Crown affair is the only case of a romantic film which both versions work. Usually with romance films the original is great and the remake is just an epic fail examples : Ice castles and blue lagoon.

But with Thomas Crown both films are very good even though they went for a lighter tone for the remake with Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan and overall more likable main characters.

I love both versions and I think both couples had great chemistry Steve McQueen/ Faye Dunaway in 1968 and Pierce Brosnan/ Rene Russo in 1999. Both films had great style and were truthful to their tone and got their deserved endings according to the behavior of the characters.

I prefer the more spicy, light hearted and playful 90s version. Its a film which gets you in s good mood and both actors did a grest job especially Pierce Brosnan who had the perfect charm, elegance and sex appeal to play Thomas Crown, he enjoyed the part, had fun and that translates so well to our screens.

But what are your thoughts?
Have you seen both?, if so which one you prefer ?
or if you have only seen one did you like it ? And are you planning to watch the other version ?

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I've seen both versions of the film. Personally, I absolutely love everything about the 1968 version. It's just perfect. One of the sexiest films I can think of. I'm not sure that I agree with you on the remake being the "more spicy" one of the two films. I would have thought the scenes between Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway can hardly be topped in that department?

I own both versions, and while I happily will watch the 1968 film every few years and enjoy it tremendouly each time, I've never actually watched the 1999 film in full except the first time I saw it on tv. The score is so irritating that at the last attempt I switched it off after about 20 minutes. Also, I must admit that I'm not a great fan of either of the leads (not a particular fan of Steve McQueen or Faye Dunaway either, for that matter ), and find Pierce Brosnan rather smug as Thomas Crown. For me the whole film has very much the feel of a vanity project for the actor.

Also, I much prefer the ending of the original film to the Hollywood Happy End of the later film.

Hopefully none of this will offend you. From your avatar I gather that you're an ardent fan of Mr. Brosnan.

Re: Thoughts on both versions of The Thomas Crown affair

Yes i am a huge brosnan fan but no offense taken don't worry.

As much as i prefred the modern take with the lighter tone, i did like 60s version as well and id love to own it its on my buying list. I think each version the ending it deserved the 60s version wouldn't have worked with the happy ending because the last hesit was a test if she loved him enough to leave everything for him while the 90s at the end it's about forgiveness and start up fresh.

He was happy she got jealous and understood her betrayal as anger for finding Anna in his room so he still wanted another chance with her.

Steve's Thomas was much more cynical he was quite depressed and the heists because he hated the system it's whole different of Thomas Crown.