Laverne & Shirley : Shirley should have married Carmine

Shirley should have married Carmine

Agree or disagree?

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Re: Shirley should have married Carmine


I'm not sure why it wasn't done. Maybe there was no time to work up a script after Cindy Williams announced she was pregnant and then shortly after was leaving the show.

I hoped after Shirley left, that Laverne and Lenny would get married in the last episode.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Shirley & Carmine never maried because even though they were
"supposedly" high school sweethearts,they never really were "together" 100%.

Shirley was a merciless "tease" in that she'd get
Carmine all worked up only to end up telling him to takea cold shower.

They also had an "understanding" about it being O.K. in dating others. What kind of relationship is that? Especially in the 1950s and for a supposed "nice girl" like Shirley?

Having them get married would have been a big mistake I feel,because of Carmine himself.

Here's a guy who when we first meet him,seems disintresyed in her. Then he wants her but she wants an open realtionship. He agrees but (again) she leads him on,thinking it'll lead to something.

Then 8 years after high school,he follows her out to California in Season 6. Still for whatever reason,holding onto a relationship that goes nowhere,except in good freindship really.

On the reality side of it,many TV series basdically dragged out things like this,to keep viewers interested and hoping that their favorite characters/couples would tie the knot.

On most shows it almost never happened because they waited far too long.

(See Helen & Andy on The Andy Griffith Show",
who had to get marie3d on "MayberryR.F.D.'s 1st episode instead.

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Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Yes Shirley was a tease and Carmine waited too long.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Laverne should have jumped on Carmine after Shirley took off to marry Walter Meany.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

I agree.

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Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Oh god no. "One Heckuva Note" was enough of that. Maybe if there'd been something more than platonic chemistry displayed I could go with it, but there wasn't imo.

To have Laverne randomly end up with Carmine after they'd been teasing her and Lenny for so long (and with no freaking payoff)...

Season 8 sucked as it was. Laverne/Carmine would've been the freaking icing on the cake.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

All I'll say in regards to California is yes, she should have. It wouldn't have hurt the show anymore than what was done.

As for the Milwaukee era, speaking into the future, it was always a toss up as to if Shirley should have been with Carmine in the long run, because clearly the set up was funnier with her being with Squiggy.

They made a remarkable quartet, as clearly was the case with Lucille Lockworth, who was never shown, being put in the picture, so to speak.

I kind of get the impression this would have been Rosie had she stayed around.

I guess now we'll never know.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Carmine would have had to leave the show too or they could have talked about Shirley without showing her.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

I tend to agree.

I have mixed feelings about Shirley and Carmine though. It's like, I don't ship them, but I think they should've ended up together just because; if that makes any sense.

I can understand how Shirlmine fans might be pissed about the way that relationship played out. If I cared to acknowledge the California years, I'd be annoyed too. I hate insta-relationships which is what the Shirley/Walter thing was. It'd be preferable for her to end up with anyone else besides him; Carmine, Squiggy, Richie, Fonzie, etc. Just anyone that we actually know, ya know?

I know why it happened, but I still don't want to let the writers off the hook. They could've come up with something to keep the character 'around' even with Williams not being there if they were being creative.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

Disagree. The baby would have been squat, with Brillo hair.

Re: Shirley should have married Carmine

In the earlier seasons, though, like seasons two and three when Shirley kept striking out with the men over and over again (well, she had dates, but nothing lasting or permanent) and Carmine was obviously crazy about her, it really annoyed me that Shirley and Carmine didn't get serious and end up married. So many of the guys she dated were total jerks and Carmine seemed like a sweet, kind, loving guy. He dated too, but I always got the feeling that if Shirley had just said the word, he would have dropped anyone else like a hot potato, set a date, and been a loyal, loving husband. She was obviously the one he loved.

Of course, this would have destroyed the entire premise of the show, namely, two funny, single, women rooming together and having cute adventures while waiting for their figurative ships to come in. Laverne would have been a fifth wheel if Shirley had married Carmine and Shirley and Carmine married would have been a boring premise for a show.