Reality TV : Reality show in 2000 - 2001??

Reality show in 2000 - 2001??

This is going to be hard! About 7 or 8 years ago I saw the last episode of a 1 time only reality show. I live in B.C. so I am assuming it was Canadian but it is possible it might have been American because the channel I watched it on had Canadian and American local T..V shows (B.C. and Washington). Anyway to the show, it seemed to be a youth tamed down version of 'Survivor' the teens stayed in the forest for maybe a week or two and stayed in tents. And I believe they had tasks as well as would vote out people. What I remember most is in the last and only episode I saw there were three remaining teens two girls one guy and they had to run through some sort of forest obstacle course retrieving flags in the quickest time. The guy obviously won, but just after it showed him winning, and the show ended an update came up and said that in June of that said year the guy who won had passed on! And ever since then I cannot remember the shows name and not much else! Any help is very much appreciated!

Re: Reality show in 2000 - 2001??

One show that I really enjoyed was Endurance. It was on NBC saturday mornings and the Discovery Kids Channel. But I don't know if it ever aired in Canada.

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