Megan Fox : She might be playing Poison Ivy

She might be playing Poison Ivy

in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens! I would love to see her with flaming red hair and a crazy green body leaf suit on.

She'll be playing opposite Margo Robbie as her gf or something...?

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I was hoping they gave her the role of Mera in Aquaman, but Poison Ivy ain't bad. I just hope they don't turn Megan's version into a lesbian, because I thought she was past that generic crap. It will definitely help this movie tank further.

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Well in the comics Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are in a relationship. I'd rather see Harley Quinn with her than with the abusive Joker. As long as it doesn't come off as male jerk off material.

Also, here's a photoshopped image I did of Megan as Poison Ivy.

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The rumor is she's in gotham city sirens. no rumor as to what character she will or wants to play. and the rumor was predicated on her picking up DC comics. SHe's been a comic fan forever according to her. she early in her career wanted to do a Fathom comic movie... before her career went south.

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Cool artwork!

I agree about the lesbian angle, but I have a feeling it will definitely be served as jerk-off material. Just look at how Harley Quinn was presented in the Suicide Squad film. It just ruined it for me, I mean how many shots did we need of her behind and how many times were the crew going to stare. They got the same director for this one, so I won't get my hopes up, but as long as Megan is doing movies, I'll watch.

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Yeah, a lot of pointless and dumb ass shots of Margo Robbie walking away. I hope they do better next time. Here's to hoping. Megan seems to do better with female directors, unless that's just a coincidence, but in all of her films with female directors, she gives a better performance and plays a less objectified character.

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I would love that, man. Let's hope.

Gotham City Sirens, hell yea, dude!