Terry and June : Terry + June: Episodes Worth Watching (Oh yes!)

Terry + June: Episodes Worth Watching (Oh yes!)

(updated Dec 09) Having now watched every episode of series 1-9 (and liking more than I'd expect...) here is a run-down of the total episodes worth watching. Those not noted are OK if you liked the others I state, but do suffer from weak writing or wasted opportunities for comedy, so are not the starter episodes! Their Xmas ones were generally their weakest efforts with only the last one of Series 8 being better, if still not strong enough for the list below. Note the ever-changing Malcolms & also how often their front door changes!

This may be 7-8pm 'family' type comedy & was unfairly knocked by the later comedy types, who are far more forgotten than Terry & June who still got a showing on BBC2 over Xmas 2009! The cast perhaps deserve better scripts at times, with both T&J being master comedy actors & Sir Dennis & the 2nd Malcolm (Tim Barrett) easily being in the same class. The strongest series is Series 6. The show may seem cosy to some with beige paintwork, chintzy wallpaper & brown furniture, but much surrealism & a knack at casting great 'dotty' old granny types through the later series. The best ones are when Terry especially breaks out of the normal mould & gives some wonderful performances. There is a little 'surprise' in Series 6 Episode 5 at 16 mins in, which will make those thinking this series is 'tame' think again!

BEST ONES: S1/E1, S1/E3, S2/E2, S3/E2, S5/E4, S6/E2, S6/E6, S7/E2, S7/E4 & S8/E3.(Series/Episode) now these even the most grumpy of viewers will like these.

These are all the ones worth watching in addition to the 'BEST' list above...

SERIES 1: (4/6) 1, 2, 3, 5
SERIES 2: (2/6) 2, 3
SERIES 3: (2/6) 2, 5
SERIES 4: (1/6) 1 only...
SERIES 5: (4/6) 3, 4, 5, 6
SERIES 6: (4/6) 1, 2, 5, 6
SERIES 7: (4/6) 2, 3, 4, 6
SERIES 8: (4/13) 3, 5, 9, 10
SERIES 9: (4/7) 2, 3, 5, 6

The series ended here. actually episode 6 of series 9 would have been a great end to the series if the ending was the opposite.

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I like the one where Terry and June have disco dancing lessons x

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I really like "June’s Holiday Weekend" in Series III where they go and help June's annoying nephew with his new pub. Very funny and a classic. I like Terry and June - some of it's a little silly, but all in all comfortable and funny humour.

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Nice one Fexil, I can see that you've gone to a lot of work there for our benefit - which makes it all the more harder to break this to you....

Whether an episode is worth watching or not is relative to each individual viewer.

Thanks anyway.

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oh dear, you are missing the point severely

allowing the casual viewer the HIGH POINTS to get into the show, rather than just jumping in blind. no-one else has made an effort & you knocking a positive effort, bah humbug to you.

sorry I wasted your precious time reading my pointless & wasted effort!

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What happens in Tea and No Sympathy? I don't really want to buy a whole box set just for one big joke!