Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves : Depressing...


Don't get me wrong, this was a good production - but god was it depressing.

It bothers me as a gay man that almost all of gay themed productions have a sad ending.

I know this was looking back to the 80's, but must we constantly be bombarded with AIDS??

Watching this made me want to lock myself away and never have sex again.

I want to see a positive (no pun) gay romance that doesn't end in a horrible death

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Re: Depressing...

Then write it yourself! Gardell wrote about his own experiences.

Re: Depressing...

AIDS is a big theme in this cause the writor Jonas Gardell wanted to rase awareness on how the swedish society treated gays and people sick in aids. Cause here in Sweden we have kind of forgot about how inhuman the society used to be handling theese things and we shouldn't forget about it. The series served its purpose here in Sweden anyway.

I can understand the wish to se a gay themed film with a happy ending.
Have you seen *beep* Åmål?

Re: Depressing...

I agree it would be nice to also have more stories which are just about a gay couple without there having to be tragic.
Perhaps a romance or regular relationship drama, or romantic comedy.
Or even a story about something else entirely in which a gay couple are the main characters.

What kind of story would you like to see?