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IMDb v2.0

Hello IMDb peoples!

In light of the imminent demise of IMDb's message boards, I've created a free clone of this board for everyone to use, either temporarily or permanently. If it takes off, we'll fine-tune it per suggestions, elected moderators, etc. I may even consider upgrading it to a paid version someday, but for now, it's just a refuge for those looking for a new place to post with the friends you've made here. So please feel free to sign up and let's see what happens!

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Unfortunately, that place is a cesspool of filth.

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Lol. Did you get banned?

I am a dick. I've always been a dick.

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It looks like that a lot of former IMDB board's users have been to this new place. It is the 2nd alternative I have found to IMDB here on the forums, thanks mate.

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