Only Fools and Horses : Seasonal Goof

Seasonal Goof

I think its the episode Del buys the Pratmobile.

Boycie tells Del he wanted tickets to Wimbledon (the tennis tournament) for an important client, but instead Del got him tickets to a Wimbledon football match ("drew 0-0 with Ipswich").

But if Boycie was planning on entertaining a client at Wimbledon, there would be no football season on at that time. So Del couldn't have got him tickets to a football match.

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Must have been a preseason friendly ;)

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In July? They'd all be on their holidays lol!!

Although what I find funny is that's the trump card Boycie plays. Were I him I would have said 'remember the time you offered to sell me a white baby boy and it turned out to be a brown baby girl and it broke Marleen's heart?'

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Not necessarily a goof. Tickets for Wimbledon are on sale months in advance. The script makes no comment about when Boyce asked him.

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