Rocky III : Much better ending for Apollo Creed

Much better ending for Apollo Creed

Anybody else think so.

I like Rocky 4 and I LOVE Drago, but still don't you think its a shame he went out like that.

He gets such an undignified death in Rocky 4 where as in Rocky 3 he's a cool guy who takes his defeat like a pro and mentors the world champ.

Its good they had his son carry on his legacy.

Re: Much better ending for Apollo Creed

He shouldn't of died. I've read Stallone even regrets killing him off. He was a cool guy all round.
I love "Creed", but I didn't like how Coogler made Apollo out to be a cheat, and having a baby to a different woman.

Re: Much better ending for Apollo Creed

I've read Stallone even regrets killing him off.

I'm not surprised. His death if anything weighs down Rocky 4 as it stretches its credibility even more than the Robot.

If it had just been a curb stomp and he had put him in the hospital and made it so that he could never box again that would have been enough, but having him die and Drago go "if he dies, he dies" just makes it seem too mad. He'd be in prison for murder, he kept punching him after the ref tried to intervene.

Also why was Apollo such a pussy? I get that he wasn't quite prepared for that, but still he is meant to be Rocky's equal and he was killed within two rounds whilst Rocky lasted 15?

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Re: Much better ending for Apollo Creed

I always thought his death was pretty impactful to be honest. Maybe it's because I was a little kid I saw it, but it always got me. I don't think it's undignified at all.

What do you mean takes his defeat like a pro? His motivation was for another shot at Rocky.

Re: Much better ending for Apollo Creed

Creed went out like a fighter, the way he wanted. I don't think his death was a mistake, that it weighed down Rocky IV or that it stretched its credibility. Apollo chose his fate. He knew he was going to lose but continued because he preferred dying in the ring to living another 40 years out of it. Fighting was not just his profession but his life. His decision may have been fueled by pride, but he was a very proud man. That was his way and it would have been out of character for him to give up.

Stallone shouldn't regret killing off Apollo. Apollo's death was the biggest tragedy in the series and incited Rocky to fight for Apollo's honor as well as his county's. After Micky died, Apollo became his manager, trainer and best friend. Had he only ended up in the hospital, Rocky would not have found the focus and determination to train as hard as he needed to beat Ivan.